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September 2003Articles

All This and Message Forums Too

We are proud to announce that we have integrated discussion forums into the ASP Nuke project. You can check them out by clicking here or through links on the Message Forums capsule shown on the left.

The Joy of Stylesheets

Well, I decided to try my hand at developing style sheets to control the "themes" for ASP Nuke. I am unhappy with the results thus far, so I have decided to go back to my original plan for managing themes.

This is not your father's Oldsmobile!

Well, what were you expecting to see? No, this is probably not the ASP Nuke site you were expecting to find when you entered the URL into your browser. This is a brand new ASP Nuke that has been under development for a while but hasn't been made public.

No Really! It is Live Now!

As you can tell by the old article in the system, this site was supposed to launch well over a year ago. Other pressing matters delayed the launch a little bit, but we are back on track and ready to kick some butt!

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