O/S Features

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Sold Out! - Oct 27, 03
Introducing PowerPlay V, an advanced PDA embedded with the most powerful and state of the art operating system, LinuxDA O/S. PowerPlay V uses the latest rechargeable battery technology - the Lithium Polymer, which weighs less and provides longer battery life. The latest version of LinuxDA O/S includes Real Time Data-Safe Technology, 14 applications, and 7 entertaining games to improve your day.
CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ 16MHz
Memory: 2MB Flash
Display: 4 Gray Level
Built-in Backlight
Built-in Touch Screen
Data Transfer:
Infrared (IR) Port
Serial Port
Power Supply: Rechargable LI-Polymer Battery
AC Adaptor
Dimensions: 118mm X 82.5mm X 13.2mm
Weight: 135 ± 5g