Total Product Solution

Included in the LinuxDA product line are total or "turn-key" product solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers. The dynamic nature of the technology industry combined with the instant demands of end-consumers for embedded system technologies and solutions makes it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to bring new products to the market. LinuxDA offers total product solutions in specific product categories that satisfy the continual demands of end users for the most advanced and sophisticated products.

More and more consumer electronics manufacturers are depending on third party total product solutions providers as a means of acquiring the necessary technologies to speed up the development process. By licensing LinuxDA's total product solutions, manufacturers will avoid the costly and time-consuming product development stage, allowing for an on-time or even early release of new products to market.

Now available for licensing is LinuxDA's first total product solution, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) reference design for Motorola Dragonball CPU platform, embedded with LinuxDA O/S v1.0 DB. Other total product solutions for various product categories and platforms will soon be available from LinuxDA.

For more information on our Total Product Solutions, please contact us at [email protected].


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