LinuxDA O/S-The Embedded Operating System

LinuxDA O/S is a proven operating system for today's sophisticated intelligent appliances. Using the open-source Linux kernel, Empower Technologies has designed LinuxDA O/S to be the first and only complete Linux Operating System scaled down for the 16bit Motorola Dragonball CPU platform. The latest version of LinuxDA O/S includes Real Time Data-Safe Technology, which ensures that all data will be saved, even in the event of a system shutdown. In addition, LinuxDA O/S has several distinct advantages:

Features over 20 useful applications, including 10 fundamental applications, 8 games, and 4 system programs. There are also many features within each applications. For example the Calculator has these modes: Basic, Financial, Scientific, Currency.(More Info on the LinuxDA embedded software)

Provides a complete Software Development Kit (Linux DA SDK) for third-party developers. Includes a programmable Graphics User Interface (GUI) and an Intelligent Power Management Systems program. More Info here.

Soft keyboard supports both QWERTY and Natural keypads. Handwriting recognition application follows natural writing. Includes a Developer-friendly Application Program Interface (API). Supports multi-languages and multi-platforms. (More Info on methods of Data Entry)

A full desktop program that the user can use to synchronize and back-up data between the PDA and the desktop PC. (More Info on our DataSync Desktop program).

The combination of these advantages creates LinuxDA O/S, the most powerful and advanced operating system available for the consumer electronics industry.

LinuxDA O/S for Palm

Released in July 2001, Empower Technologies introduced LinuxDA O/S for Palm, the world's first major complete operating system (O/S) upgrade for Palm IIIx, IIIxe, and Vx handheld devices. As the first and only company within the consumer electronics industry to replace the Palm O/S, Empower Technologies provides Palm handheld users and other Palm-compatible PDA manufacturers with a flexible and powerful O/S alternative. LinuxDA O/S for Palm comes available in two distinct packages: Linux DA O/S - Professional Version and Linux DA O/S - Consumer Version.


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LinuxDA O/S for Palm

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Want to make your own LinuxDA Programs? Download the SDK here.