The Main Menu screen allows users to choose from more than 20 applications.
Here are Just some Examples of some of LinuxDA's Applications.

The Address Book application enables users to store names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information about business and personal contacts.

The Calculator application performs functions similar to a standard calculator. Users can choose from 5 modes: basic, scientific, financial, unit, and currency.

The Paint application allows users to quickly and easily draw pictures using the drawing tools on the left side of the screen.

The CPU Speed application provides users with the option of increasing or decreasing the CPU speed level of the handheld device, depending on which application is in use

The Memo application provides users with a place to store information that is not associated with Schedule, Address Book, or To Do.

The Schedule application allows users to record appointments or any kind of "event" associated with a specific time and date.

The To Do application provides users with a place to create reminders and prioritize items.