LinuxDA Desktop Softwares



LinuxDA's DataSync software package contains the Datasync program and many useful utility programs on the side.

The DataSync program contains the same applications as on your PDA, therefore, it allows the user a fluid exchange of information between the two platforms- PC desktop and PDA. However, LinuxDA's DataSync program is not limited to only backing up your information on your PDA. It has the capabilities of organizing a vast amount of information that your PDA can tap into. For instance the Ebook Conversion Program can convert DOC, text, HTML formats into LinuxDA's EBook format and install them onto your PDA.

Currency Exchange Program
The currency exchange program allows you to have the most updated exchange rates from the internet; therefore the currency rates on your Data Sync Desktop and PDA will always be current.

Microsoft Outlook Synchronizer
This Program will synchronize the Address Book data between LinuxDA DataSync and Outlook 2000.

LinuxDA Address Book Convertor
You can convert the address book of Palm, Outlook, Outlook Business Card, Act 2000, Maximizer, GoldMine, and Netscape to LinuxDA's file format. Other conversion capabilities featured under the Address book Convertor are the Notes Convertor, Palm Memo Convertor, and the Palm ToDo Convertor.