LinuxDA v2.0 Applications and Handwriting


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LinuxDA handwriting system.
LinuxDA's writing area is very intuitive because it doesn't require the user to learn a special set of alphabets. Our writing system recognizes the most common way letters, numbers and symbols are written.

Three Methods in Entering Data:

1. Entering Information with your Stylus
The first method is using your stylus to write on the writing area. Here are some examples of the symbols we recognize. For Example:

Small Letters

Capital Letters

*As you write the your strokes and movements are captured on the preview screen to ensure legible handwriting.

2.Entering Data via Keyboard.

The second Method of Writing is by Using the Keyboard.

The user can choose between two different formats of keyboard: Qwerty and Natural

3.Entering Data via Datasync

The third way to enter Data is by using our DataSync Desktop software.

For more information on our Desktop software go to our DataSync page here.

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