News Releases

2005.01.31 Empower Technologies to Exhibit Embedded Solutions at Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC) 2005
2005.01.05 Empower Technologies Unveils The Osaka Project at CES 2005 in Las Vegas
2004.12.22 Empower Technologies Announces Participation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2005
2004.12.13 Empower Technologies Joins the Texas Instruments Third Party Network
2004.11.22 Empower Technologies™ Announces ODM Technologies, Inc., as the First Authorized LinuxDA Embedded™ O/S Consumer Electronics Developer
2004.10.27 Empower Technologies Unveils PowerPlay 1x
2004.10.26 Empower Technologies Launches LEOs, the LinuxDA Embedded Operating System, For the Texas Instruments OMAP Platform
2004.09.27 Empower Technologies To Launch LinuxDA Embedded O/S (LEOs) for Portable Data Terminal Applications
2004.08.30 Empower Technologies Announces Signing a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with ODM Technologies, Inc.
2004.08.23 Empower Technologies Corporation Signs Distributorship Agreement with Spherex Inc., Licensed Manufacturer of the Xbox® 5.1 Surround Sound System
2004.08.09 Empower Technologies Corporation awards brand development account to Infinite Media
2004.07.19 Empower Technologies Announces Commencement of a Major Sales and Marketing Initiative
2004.06.21 Empower Technologies Announces an Agreement with Experience Wireless Fidelity
2004.06.14 Spherex Inc., Licensed Manufacturer of the Xbox® 5.1 Surround Sound System signs Strategic Licensing Agreement with Empower Technologies, Inc.
2003.08.27 Empower Technologies Corporation Announces Empower Technologies Inc.’s Signing of Joint Development Agreement With Major Consumer Audio Product Manufacturer
2002.01.18 Empower Technologies Inc. Introduces the PowerPlay V PDA
2001.09.24 Empower Technologies Inc. Introduces First Palm Compatible PDA Embedded with LinuxDA Operating System
2001.08.28 Empower Technologies Announces Licensing Deals for Full Version LinuxDA O/S With Manufacturers
2001.07.17 Empower Technologies Announces Release of LinuxDA O/S - the FIRST and ONLY Palm compatible Linux-based operating system for Palm IIIx and IIIxe!
2001.06.22 Empower Technologies Inc. Launches its New Corporate Web Site -
2001.06.22 Empower Technologies Inc. Releases its New and Improved Product Web Site -
2001.05.01 LinuxDA Inc. Announces the Change of its Company Name to Empower Technologies Inc.


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