Empower Technologies to Exhibit Embedded Solutions at Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC) 2005

Empower makes TIDC debut as Gold Sponsor and member of TI’s Third Party Developer Network

Richmond, British Columbia – January 31, 2005 - Empower Technologies Corporation (“Empower”) announces today the debut of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Empower Technologies, Inc. of Redmond, Washington, as a Gold Sponsor at the Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC) to be held February 15-17, 2005 in Houston, Texas.

The TIDC provides technology sponsors and exhibitors with networking and training opportunities with industry and TI experts and peer-to-peer interaction for embedded designers like Empower. With more than 100 technical sessions and hands-on workshops, attendees can immerse themselves in signal processing technologies such as high-performance analog (HPA), digital signal processing (DSP), Digital Light Processing™ (DLP), microcontroller, microprocessor, Field Programmable Gate Array and complementary technologies.

“We are very excited to be making our debut at TIDC as both a Third Party Developer and Gold Sponsor,” stated Paul Leung, chairman and CEO of Empower Technologies. “It is very important to support events which foster the global advancement of DSP and embedded technology. The intelligent consumer products market is rapidly expanding with more components powered by embedded operating systems, and the versatility and flexibility of LEOs for OMAP5910 will help redefine performance expectations in a number of consumer verticals.”

Last October, together with Texas Instruments, Empower launched the LinuxDATM Embedded O/S (LEOs) powered by TI’s OMAP5910 dual-core processor. Geared to powering portable data terminals (PDT) with real-time data and multimedia capabilities, the OMAP5910 is a dual-core SoC (system-on-chip) for applications requiring high-performance signal processing at low power consumption.

Based on this advanced technology, Empower will be exhibiting three key products at the TIDC, each of which incorporates the OMAP5910 CPU and LEOs:

  • LEOs Development Kit for OMAP5910 (LDK5910) – The LDK5910 combines LEOs, the OMAP5910 dual processor and an evaluation module (EVM) to afford a new level of cost efficiency to the total expense of development. Priced at only $900 USD, the OMAP hardware reference design is optimized to allow engineers to use LEOs to develop applications using the power of the OMAP5910 dual processor.

    The LDK5910 includes:
    • LinuxDA Embedded O/S (LEOs)
    • OMAP5910 CPU 289 pin package
    • TMS320C55x DSP and a TI DSPLink Device Driver for TI DSP Programming
    • ARM925 microprocessor unit
    • Complete evaluation module consists of three separate PCB modules – an embedded processor, interface display and LAN/expansion module
    • I2S Audio Codec AIC 23 power amplifier, speaker, headphones, and microphone connections
    • NEC Thin film Transistor (TFT) Liquid crystal display (LCD) with Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA), 240x320 resolution and 16-bit color screen
    • USB Client and Host port, 10-Mbit Ethernet LAN port and HP logic analyzer debugging port
    • Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • The Osaka Project - With CD, DVD, MP3 and clock radio capabilities, the Osaka Project is a compact, all-digital audio system. Supporting a wide range of sound functions, it integrates all the elements of personal and home audio, in addition to a PDA with QVGA display. In this sleek and cutting-edge form, The Osaka Project is powered by LEOs for OMAP5910, which initiates a new level of performance expectations for intelligent devices with increased headroom for applications and expansion capabilities for other functions such as EQ and audio dynamics processing.

  • PowerPlay 1x - An innovative color PDA, PowerPlay 1x provides the user with maximum performance on the familiar, easy to navigate interface and applications of LEOs for OMAP5910. With a 16-bit color display screen, 32 MB Flash Memory and 64 MB of DRAM, this new intelligent PDT also has an internal MP3 player, MP4 player, digital voice recorder and a camera/smart phone expansion slot.

For more information, visit the Empower Technologies website (www.empowertechnologies.com).

About Empower Technologies:

Founded in 2000, Empower Technologies is a provider of Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions for the consumer electronics industry and the intelligent appliance market.

Empower is an innovative company that introduced to the world Linux DA O/S, the first and only complete Palm® Handheld compatible Linux Operating System scaled down for the Motorola
Dragonball CPU platform. By uniting top professionals from within the computer industry and developing quality partnerships and strategic alliances, Empower is committed to being the leading provider of Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers.

Empower’s brands are “LinuxDA” (www.linuxda.com) a Linux-based embedded operating system and “PowerPlay” (www.powerplaydevices.com) smart consumer electronics.

About the Texas Instruments Developer Conference:

As the industry’s premier real time signal processing event, the TI Developer Conference (February 15-17, 2005) showcases the latest innovations in high performance analog, DSP, DLP™ and microcontroller technology to help customers maximize system design and accelerate time to market. Offering a series of informative keynote speeches and demonstrations, more than 100 technical sessions and a wide range of tracks including audio, video, communications, systems, tools and control, the conference allows attendees to remain ahead of the technology curve and gain valuable insight into the latest trends in signal processing. For more information, visit www.ti.com/tidc05mr.

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