Empower Technologies Corporation Announces
Empower Technologies Inc.’s Signing of Joint Development Agreement
with Major Consumer Audio Product Manufacturer

Richmond, BCAugust 27, 2003 – Empower Technologies Corporation (“Empower Corporation”) is pleased to announce that Empower Technologies, Inc. (“Empower”) has signed a Joint Development Agreement (the “Definitive Agreement”) with Audio Products International Corporation (“API”) to jointly develop a new consumer audio appliance that will utilize API’s latest Omnipolar speaker technology and Empower’s LinuxDA embedded operating system technology. API and Empower will cross license each other’s respective technologies to manufacture and to market the audio appliance.

The audio appliance will be manufactured and sold by API under its selective brands. Empower can OEM and/or license the audio appliance to selective consumer electronic manufacturers to sell under their own labels. Empower and API intend to launch the audio appliance in the spring of 2004.

About Empower Technologies Corporation
Empower Technologies Corporation was incorporated under the British Columbia Company Act on May 6, 2003, formed solely to facilitate the Merger of Empower Corporation and Empower. The President & CEO of Empower is the President & CEO and director of Empower Corporation. On completion of the Merger, the business of Empower Corporation will be the business of its subsidiary, Empower.

About Empower Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Empower Technologies, Inc., a Washington State registered company, is a provider of Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions for the consumer electronics industry and the intelligent appliance market.

Empower is an innovative company that introduced to the world Linux DA O/S, the first and only complete Palm™ Handheld compatible Linux Operating System scaled down for the Motorola Dragonball CPU platform. Furthermore, through the development of quality partnerships and strategic alliances, Empower is positioning itself to become the industry leader for Linux-based embedded solutions. Uniting top professionals from within the computer industry, Empower is committed to being the leading provider of Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers.

Empower’s brands are “PowerPlay” (www.powerplaydevices.com) smart consumer electronics and “LinuxDA” (www.linuxda.com) a Linux based embedded operating system.

About Audio Products International Corporation
Founded in 1972, Audio Products International Corporation is the third largest loudspeaker manufacturer in North America and one of the top ten largest speaker manufacturers in the world. API, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, has a 165,000 square foot facility that houses offices, research and development labs, manufacturing and warehousing.

API is a global company with offices in numerous countries around the world and sells their products in over 70 countries worldwide. API’s brands include Mirage (www.miragespeakers.com), Energy (www.energy-speakers.com), and Athena (www.athenaspeakers.com).

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Paul Leung - President & CEO. 604-278-3100 or [email protected]
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More Information on Empower Technologies Inc: www.empowertechnologies.com

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