Simplicity, scalability and versatility define LinuxDA - the powerful suite of Linux operating software from Empower Technologies. Based on the open-source Linux kernel and a proven solution for intelligent consumer electronic devices, LinuxDA O/S fulfills the needs and demands of developers and the dynamic consumer electronics industry.

Working alongside Texas Instruments (TI), Empower developed LinuxDA Embedded O/S (LEOs) configured for TI’s OMAP 5910 dual processor. The versatility of LEOs and the power of OMAP initiate a new level of performance expectations for intelligent devices; with increased headroom for applications and expansion capabilities to best suit the needs of developers, manufacturers and developers and consumers.

  • Consists of a TMS320C55x DSP plus a TI-enhanced ARM925 microprocessor
  • Dual-core SoC (system-on-chip) drives applications requiring high-performance real time signal processing at low power consumption
  • Powers personal data terminal (PDT) devices with communication (wired/wireless), real-time data and/or multimedia capabilities
  • Priced at $900 USD, the LEOs Development Kit with LEOs, the OMAP 5910 dual processor and an evaluation module afford a new level of cost efficiency for developing LEOs-based applications
  • No licensing fees exist until applications are ready for commercial release

The LEOs™ Development Kit is comprised of 2 parts:

1. EVM (Evaluation Modules)

  • Embedded Processor Module (EPM): Memory, Flash, power and support logic for the OMAP™5910 device.
  • Interface Display Module (IDM) - Supporting the buttons, LCD display, touch screen, support logic (front light and power supplies), battery management, audio, USB and serial interfaces.
  • LAN & Expansion Module (LEM) - Sitting between the Processor and Interface Display Modules, it provides Ethernet, JTAQ and standard HP logic analyzer for debugging capabilities.

The EVM includes:

  • OMAP 5910 CPU 289 pin package
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • 32 MB OS Embedded Flash Memory
  • NEC Thin film Transistor (TFT) Liquid crystal display (LCD) with Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA), 240x320 resolution and 16-bit color screen
  • I2S Audio Codec AIC 23 power amplifier, speaker, headphones, and microphone connections
  • SD/MMC External Memory Interface
  • USB Client and Host port
  • 10 Mbit Ethernet LAN port
  • HP logic analyzer debugging port
  • Dual UART interface with voltage adaptation to connectors
  • 2 – 9-pin serial ports
  • Complete set of interface cables
  • Real-time clock
  • One configuration DIP switch
  • Option switch and reset button on the back and reset/status LED on the front
  • Five-pole navigation buttons
  • Li-polymer battery and AC/DC adapter

2. LEOs Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK includes:

  • Linux 2.4.21 Kernel and source code
  • Device Drivers: Frame Buffer, Touch Screen, UART, IrDA, SD, USB Host, USB Client, Power Management, Real-Time Clock, Button, Keyboard, Console
  • TI DSPLink Device Driver for TI DSP Programming
  • LinuxDA proprietary graphical user interface (GUI) library
  • Sample LinuxDA GUI Programs
  • LinuxDA Database Library
  • Hand Writing Recognition
  • Soft Keyboard
  • Full Feature IP Stack


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